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Dream journal thing

I've had a couple people interested in my dreams, and I can say without any conceit that they are interesting. So, if you'd like, here're a few I've had over the years.

Dream on morning of 6/18/2009

I was in a place that seemed to be underground, at least partially (it also had areas with trees and windows and sunlight). I knew I was in the place, and had some knowledge of who I was. In this place, there were people whose name I forget, but I’ll call them Death Keepers because that sounds about right. They would take the dead through the compound (which is essentially what the place was) on their backs (which were like gigantic pieces of black cloth that wouldn’t bend unless they wanted it to). They had masks for faces and blackness for bodies, blackness in the shape of large, flexible rectangles. Their legs were four long white sticks (their mask were white too, and had rough teeth on the bottom and two eye-hole things on the top). When they took these dead people through the compound, everyone would stop what they were doing and just wait with dread for them to move past. The creatures didn’t care, but they did inspire dread. When they moved into a room, everyone moved away from them while trying not to move. They walked slowly, but covered a lot of ground with their pole-legs (they were tall enough that I could walk under one upright at the front, and just have to bend a bit to come out behind without touching it). When they walked into a room, you immediately heard this terrible music in your head, like black bells tolling one by one. This music made you feel terror. My memory of the dream starts with me, a girl, and a boy. The girl was smaller than me, the boy larger (although he morphed into a girl sometime through, I’ll note when). The girl was terrified of these things, and one came into the room; she was right in front of a wardrobe, and I knew she’d be terrified, and I saw it coming, so I shoved her inside the wardrobe (it was a deep one with coats in it and a dim mirror at the very back for some reason) and blocked the view with my body. She still heard the music in her head and was terrified; I was a bit scared, but part of me knew it was a dream, and most of me knew I couldn’t die. Right after the thing left, the girl said something that communicated she wanted to forget. The boy was making a bit of a racket outside the wardrobe. I drew back and helped her out, but she was very weak and scared still, so I picked her up in my arms. Then the boy and I started to walk with her out the hall (it seemed an eating hall; we were directly to the left of the big doorway in a corner), but as we turned the corner to leave through the doorway we almost ran into a Death Keeper; I ducked and just walked quickly under it. The boy got around (and that was about when he became a girl). When we looked back, I noticed something about the old man on the DK’s back, and I shouted. The old man’s eyes rolled, and he looked up and smiled, and the DK continued on its way.
The girl and I with the girl ran through the compound until we found what looked like an empty classroom. We stopped. This became a bit muzzied as the girl in my arms was not there suddenly, and there was another slightly different girl looking in from the windows. We were in a conversation at one point, and the entirety of this, my knowledge of not being able to die was growing stronger. Eventually we all three ended up on the roof, and then we dropped to the ground from there. (the surroundings: we seemed to be in a courtyard of sorts, with trees blooming around us and the sun shining down, very pretty). The bigger girl noticed a big lump in the ground, and started digging, so we helped, and she said she thought she knew what it was and was really excited. Then there were a few ants, which didn’t make me happy. At first it looked (weirdly enough) like we had uncovered a cartoon dog’s head drawn in the ground, but it suddenly turned into this odd dip. The big girl pushed some other hollow next to it, and it suddenly morphed into this tube looking thing that looked like ants were pouring off it, but it was really dirt. Then the big girl, still excited, went headfirst into the tube. I looked down and was going to go feet first (it was a very dirty tube), but another girl who seemed to have appeared told me to go headfirst, so I did. Then I heard a voice narrating, and saw as if from above us coming out of this long tube which reminded me of a birthing canal, and the first girl popped out and landed on a spot (like she flew through the air and landed on a spot she was supposed to land on) and said “Hi, I’m Daisy.” She had on a new very light colored dress and was very clean and pretty. I think she might have had a braid. Next I came out in a similar dress and said “Hi, I’m Erin.” Also very clean. Then the next girl, the newest one, came out in a similar dress and said the same thing with her name (don’t remember what it was), also very clean and tidy. (we’re all landing on certain spots we know were supposed to in a line, remember, with first closest to the tube and last farthest from). Then the last girl, the one who had been on the roof and had reminded me of a fairy sometimes, came out and said “Hi, I’m Luna.” For some reason ages had been appearing before my eyes, and in order they were: 8, 5, 3, 2; even though we were all the same age and size as before (which, actually, we did come out oldest/biggest to youngest/smallest; I may have been a bit younger/smaller than I am in the dream). Then I woke up.

Dream on night of 9/13/2008, before morning of 9/14/2008

I go to a school in a hard, grey, concrete building. My family (I’m not even quite sure if that’s what they are) must protect two little girls from the government- the angelic blonde one is the daughter of an important scientist, and the darker one is her playmate. We live in a world where the government tries to take care of everything. There is a boy my age who is looking for something; he is not nice, at least at first, and he is the son of a rich man.
There is a raid by the military on the house where we live, and the girls must hide; one of them hides behind a play baby’s basket in the closet. The other hides in their room. When the raid is over, I smoke a cigarette; I don’t taste it, but the smoke is fun to play with. I also know I don’t like cigarettes, but also that I must smoke this. There is a reason for this; inside every person are things, ephemeral things like cigarettes and chocolate and french fries to be used and then gone- these things are located in the person's chest, and can be gotten through a hatch in their chest. When one is born, one has a limited number of these things; when they are used up, one dies. If one does not use them at the appointed times (which one will know), then they just disappear. The boy from school visits us once, after the raid, while I am smoking my cigarette; when he does, sharp words are exchanged, and I lean in close and tell him I am not afraid of him; the smoke swirls around his face, and I hope he doesn’t like the smell. Also, in that moment, I know I am invincible, untouchable, immortal, in the same way that one knows that something when one realizes one is dreaming. But the feeling is gone once I am done telling him this and turn away. Anyway, after the raid, I go out into the yard to explain this system of mortality to the girls, and the boy appears, so I send them back inside and face him. We exchange some words, and then he eats a french fry, and out of curiosity and bluntness I ask him how many are left. He stands for a minute, then opens up his chest (he seems sad, resigned, angry) and I look in. There are less than a handful (five, six, seven). I am bitter too, because I know I have only four cigarettes and a chocolate square left in me. I try to pull up my shirt far enough to get to the hatch, but can’t, so I take the shirt off. He swears, then grabs me and holds me. I hold onto him too, and tell him what I have left. We kiss, twice. The next day is school; the teacher tells us to get something out of our bags. I do, but a second behind everyone else, which I worry about because I am a top student and there on scholarship. The school often floods. The boy gets up during class to leave (his bodyguard is still with him), and tells me to come too. So I come, but I have left my flipflops under the table. When we get outside, there is a minivan waiting, and in it is a lady who might be/isn’t his mother, driving. We get in, and the boy tells me he wants to introduce me to his father (I know we both have very little time left). I mention that my flipflops were left under the table; he swears, I laugh, then pull up the flipflops I had noticed under our seat (the middle one, large) when we got in. They are dark pink, with straps on the front; they are a little small, but will do so long as I don’t wear them correctly. I put them on, laugh at my feet, while the woman driving clucks her tongue. Then I lay my head on the boy’s shoulder. He lays his head on mine. I am very tired. As I fall asleep in the dream, I wake up in real life.

Morning of 1/24/2010

I dreamt that Kendra and I were going somewhere and she knew the way, and I didn’t. We got into a mall area, and there were crowds of people, so we got a little separated going up an escalator, and then managed to meet up at the top; but then she saw something and ran back down the other escalator, and I followed her. There was a young woman with a round face, her long blond hair in two high pony tails, and an interesting colorful outfit, who Kendra went up to to talk to. She seemed to have a manager and bodyguard with her, so I assumed she was a pop star or a famous model. I also assumed that Kendra wanted to talk to her because she would be perfect for a PB. So Kendra managed to convince her to model while Kendra took pictures (K had a camera), and then it all got a little crazy because some assassins took a shot at the girl. Kendra and I managed to meet up again in the screaming, rushing crowd, And somehow I did something to the assassins (stopped them from firing?). Skip to the next morning, where I’m living in an apartment-styled dorm with a communal bathroom with the whole dorm. Two people, a tall lady and a silent man, come up to me as I exit our suite to go to the bathroom. I know that they are connected to the assassins. They want me to come with them quietly, but I refuse until I can wash my face and change into real clothes. So we go down to the bathroom area, and it is very busy: lots of ladies talking and laughing, and a couple men. The two look uncomfortable, but I am already heading over to a sink. I wash my face, then move into a little nook area that extends into the wall; there is a girl and her boyfriend there talking. I say “excuse me” several times, getting louder and more pissy each time. Finally he looks up and asks what, and I say “Do you mind?” and he just shrugs it off and is bitchy. So I start punching him. He is trying to get away, the girl starts pulling on my arm, and I whisper to her that there are two people I’m trying to get away from and nod toward the window. She understands and nods slightly. So I release the guy, who runs out (the two bad people are trying to get near me, but can’t because of the people), and the girl gets out these pretty homemade bracelets and hands one to me to try on, then shows me the batch to give me my pick. All the ladies come over to oo and aa and try them on, and in the crush the two bad guys can’t get through or even see me; I nod at the girl and start heading toward the window, then wake up.

Pollution Alice
Morning of 9/13/2010

I am in a prison for magical people. Such people include sprites, fairies, nature spirits, bigger uglies like trolls, and such. I do not know why I am here; however, I know my ability is to change my shape on a regular basis. We all want to get out; it seems the world beyond the prison is fairly normal, and I am not sure if that world knows about magic. I am in this prison, which resembles a multilevel warehouse combined with those electrical transformers that are always behind fences. I am stuck here with some friends. There is some sort of commotion, and we decide to try to escape; this is not unusual for this prison. We manage to make it to the outer rim, where an electrified fence and deep pit are there to stop prisoners. There is also a magic field that nullifies our magic in the prison. I and another manage to hop the fence by some very intricate gymnastics; I run around a neighborhood, he goes off to do something else. Timeskip. I have transformed into some sort of antlered-deer-person nature spirit; it is very powerful. I decide to go visit my friends in prison. I hop the fence to get back in; it is not hard for me now. I visit and tell them I can help them escape. One pixie-sprite is very bitter and says it isn’t possible, but visits the fence with me anyway. I manage to climb us both high enough in the air that she can be partly outside the magic nullification field. She laughs in joy and puts her hand up to feel. Then we must climb down; we must jump partway down, and she is worried about the distance. I jump and offer to catch her, but she jumps to the ground fine instead. Then I wake up.

A dream I don’t remember the date

I was in a class who were going to a museum for a field trip. We lived in this strange place, very mountainous, where some rocks floated in midair naturally. The museum specialized in excellent specimens of these rocks. We entered, and the museum included an exhibit of precious gems in sprawling magnificence of clothes and jewelry. I stepped into the exhibit and met a guy there, crouched down, like he was hiding or examining something. I don’t remember a lot after that, but there was something he was doing defiant to the museum, and I think he may have been in the right. I’m also fairly sure I was a lesbian in the dream.

Morning of 10/7/2011

I don’t remember a ton from this dream sequence. The beginning is all lost. In the middle, I realized I was a gay man, and I was part of a group who were transporting something, or someones, somewhere, using flying instruments: all worked like flying carpets, but there were flying bikes, flying couches, flying everything. We were picking up people as we went too, I think in some sort of almost revolutionary fashion. The part I remember best was at the end, right before I woke up; we were about to be attacked and an alert had been sounded, and everyone got into flying things and started to take off, until it was just me and this Gandalf type figure. He tried to make me leave him there, but I said I wouldn’t and that the remaining flying thing, which kinda resembled a couch with some additions, would take us both. We both got in, and I woke up.


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