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Moooore TV stuff

Korra...I enjoyed. Lin is now solidly in my top two favorite characters (Asami being the other, Bolin being third), and I gotta admit part of that is that she's the only character who seems solidly grounded (pun unintended) relationship-wise. Maybe the show is going for an entirely different vibe, but I get the feeling that she's not interested in Tenzin romantically and hasn't been for some time, that she has no hard feelings toward Pema or her family, and that she's the most practical and long-sighted member of the group (protecting the last airbenders, accepting she's relatively unimportant in the longterm survival of the city, etc.). And I love that, and I've loved how she's evolved without being compromised thus far. I still want to see her past, complete with older Toph, and this ep just increased that desire. Otherwise, avoiding some spoilers, Asami was a badass and COMPLETELY in the right omg I was so looking forward to this; Korra was..there, she didn't really do a lot this ep; Bolin just keeps impressing me with how good of a bender he is and I REALLY want more than just the shallow representation of his character they've given thus far; and Tenzin and his kids prove exactly how cool they are (also, the more I think about it, the more convinced I become that Tenzin would not be a good leader in a time of war--not a bad thing, just a fact of his character).
Edit: Actually, while I'm here, how I'm predicting the pairings will resolve: Asami/Iroh and Korra/Mako. It is not how I want it to be, but that's my guess on how they'll play it.

As for Young Justice, it didn't look like an episode came out this week, and I can't seem to find any information on future episodes. Does anyone know if the season's done already, or when the next eps will be airing?

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