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TV update yet again aw yeah

Young Justice, you are slowly but surely redeeming yourself in my eyes, for all I still have to ignore large gaps in character continuity to make it work better. Aqualad is secretly working undercover to infiltrate The Light, and Nightwing, KF, and Artemis are in on it. Artemis fakes her own death on a mission in order to go with Aqualad as a spy. On the other, more convoluted storyhand, Superboy indeed broke up with M'gann because of her abuse of her powers (which she believes is all right because it's for the greater good), but the situation was exacerbated by her trying to tinker with his memories so he'd forget why he was mad at her...and him catching her at it. Still not sure how I feel about this M'gann; I genuinely find her a lot less interesting of a character, and so far the show's used a lot of tropes and twists I've seen before in other media, and hasn't done too much new with them. Also, Lagann has been captured due to his being a dipshit and an asshole, and no one cried.

For Korra...it was a passable episode. We FINALLY have Bolin being the good, guilty-conscience guy and telling Asami about Korra and Mako's kiss, and boy am I looking forward to the upcoming fallout. Also, I swear Aang must be tearing his nonexistent hair out over how long it took Korra to actually listen to his vision-messages. We also get a taste of grown-up Toph in a vision, and damn do I want more, especially how the hell it worked with her and kiddy!Lin. Lin is badass, Tarrlok is skeezy but clever, and please to be giving more acknowledgement that benders can be evil too?

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