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May. 20th, 2012

*sigh* And thus my children's television shows have come full circle. ashlultum, this is relevant to you, for behold: Young Justice had a better episode than Korra yesterday.

YJ included character development for Blue Beetle, who I am liking more and more by the minute; Superboy being himself while having bonding time with BB AND mention of some of my favorite of his conflicts and flaws; minimal dick!Lagoon and M'gann; Speedy's heroin addiction replaced with something that has the same effect, namely his search for the "real Red Arrow", but will be a lot more palatable to parents everywhere; Kid Flash and Artemis being cute; and Cheshire coming in with a plot point that, surprisingly, no longer exists in DC canon after their reboot, and which I am very interested in seeing working out. Basically, it was a genuinely good, even great episode, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the show exploring some of the stuff it introduced.

Korra had...relationship drama, complete with girl jealousy; the predictable evil twist, although not precisely going the route I expected; and more unsympathetic and even cartoonishly evil portrayals of Equalists.

*siiiiiigh* At least some good came out of this week.

Editing to add, gf really liked the Korra ep, so watch and judge yourself, I could well be in the minority.

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